About Imagico

I'm a landscape photographer, well, mostly. I create images of topography, human and natural.
Born in the north Bay Area, I grew up in Eastern Canada, and now returned to California. My earlier years were spent in the wilds of Canada, battling wind and snow, ice and water. It stands to reason that landscapes as vast as our Continent would become a critical part of what I like to photograph. Landscapes are life's gift to saving our past.

My desire is to show the immense depth and beauty of all the topography that Planet Earth offers. My photos are an eclectic collection of these viewpoints, in full light, half-light, or by moon and star light. I seek the indigenous and living elements that light up our shared terrain. A waterfall is not just a waterfall; it is an aspect of the unbroken chain of the water cycle. So too, faces become the landscapes of human life.

I'm based in the Central Valley of California, but I move about the broader countryside, seeking hidden vistas with which to seal and hold a fragment of the past and preserve it for the future.